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  • Betty Crocker Big Book of Cupcakes

    作者:Betty Crocker

    Spectacular cupcake recipes made from scratch or with a mix Get ready for adorably decorated and deliciously flavored cupcakes made easy! Betty Crocker The Big Book of Cupcakes features 175 delightful cupcakes, all using new and fun decorating ideas anyone can master and simple ingredients available anywhere. And as a unique feature, almost every cupcake can be made from scratch or with a mix: You decide which method to follow. Recipes include kids' party favorites like Double Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cupcakes, as well as sophisticated flavors like Mocha-Caramel Cappuccino Cupcakes. You'll find: More than 175 cupcakes, with a tantalizing full-color photograph of every cupcake, plus helpful how-to photos showing easy decorating techniques A special Kids' Party Cupcakes chapter with decorated treats like Puffer Fish Cupcakes, Monster Truck Cupcake Pull-Aparts and Campfire S'Mores Cupcakes Dazzling Holiday and Special-Occasion Cupcakes chapters including fanciful creations like Easter Egg Baskets, Almond-Filled White Christmas Cupcakes and Molten Caramel Apple Cupcakes Perfect for bake sales, birthdays, holiday parties or just an everyday treat, Betty Crocker The Big Book of Cupcakes is one book that really takes the cake. Sample Recipes and Cupcake Designs Mr. Sun Cupcakes Aztec Chile-Chocolate Cupcakes Chocolate Moose Cupcakes
  • 100道手工甜點禮物


    親手做糖果,經濟實惠更具心意! 面對如此物價高漲的社會,自己動手DIY已成為全民運動之一,在繁忙的生活中,利用週末假日與家人一同挽起袖子,親手做出健康又甜蜜的糖果餅乾,是一件多麼令人愉快的回憶。每到年節時,大家總是要求能學些送禮的糕點課程---既又要「經濟」更要「實惠」的體面「伴手禮」,這本「手工甜點禮物100道」就是最好的選擇! 內容特別收錄了普遍受到大家喜愛與讚許的牛軋糖、太妃糖、牛奶糖、軟糖、蛋黃酥、巧克力糖、餅乾…等,編寫出正確又簡單的配方,讓所有讀者們在不失敗的情況下,以最小的成本送出最有誠意的好禮! 基本技巧→清楚配方→400張詳細步驟圖=零失敗 內容包括: *<煮糖技巧、融化巧克力、糖油拌合法、中式酥皮…等>各種製作法,保證成功零失敗的重點訣竅及詳細圖片解說! *<融你口更融化你心的巧克力糖>棒棒糖、乳加巧克力、生巧克力、薄荷夾心…7種 *<年節喜慶少不了,最佳伴手贈禮的硬糖/軟糖>牛軋糖、太妃糖、核桃糕、酥糖、QQ糖…32種 *<最小成本超有誠意,手工餅乾/小西點>杏仁瓦片、酥餅、塔、千層酥、薄片餅乾…53種 *<道地台灣名產點心也能親手表心意>鳳梨酥、太陽餅、綠豆椪、老婆餅…8種 經由本書由淺入深的帶領,相信能使您對糖果、餅乾能有更深一層的認識,並能在家中零失敗的享受自己動手做的成就感與樂趣!
  • 100 Quick Stir-Fry Recipes

    作者:Hom, Ken

    Ken Hom is the nation's favourite Chinese chef and this is his collection of his best 100 stir-fry recipes. From chicken recipes to vegetarian, healthy to recipes for entertaining friends, curries to salads, modern and traditional, plus appetizers, snacks and side dishes, this book offers an amazing range of taste, ingredients and style - all made in the wok.
  • 第一次開麵包店就賺錢


    本書中登場的11家店店老闆們,幾乎每一位都曾前往某間店從學徒做起。而經歷學徒生涯的老闆們,則是一步一腳印地吃遍各地,最後決定「就是這間店!」這樣來選擇學習的場所。自學的老闆們則是藉著比較許多店舖的味道,不停提升自我品質。 要想讓美味的東西讓人感到美味,就必須廣泛瞭解各種味道。一再光顧自己覺得好吃的店家是一定的,不過除了麵包、蛋糕,造訪美食餐廳或食品材料行也容易獲得驚人的發現。這11家店的老闆們也幾乎全都是喜歡到處尋找美味食物的人。瞭解各種滋味,與創造個人原創產物有相當深遠的關聯性。
  • Fresh & Fast Vegetarian

    作者:Simmons, Marie; Trov

    Marie Simmons loves bold, imaginative flavors from around the world, and her magically simple combinations have been featured in many magazines, from Redbook to Bon Appétit, where she was a popular columnist, and in her award-winning cookbooks. Over the years, she has come to rely more and more on vegetables and grains, because, as she says, "They taste good and they make me feel better." Now, in Fresh & Fast Vegetarian, she offers up more than 150 of her favorite dinners. Most can be made in half an hour or less, and for each one, Simmons provides an equally easy accompaniment. Like Roasted Vegetables and Mozzarella Quesadillas, some are meals in themselves, while others are smaller dishes that can be paired to create a quick but sumptuous dinner. A number of Simmons's nearly effortless, vibrant recipes are vegan. Each tells exactly how long it will take to prepare. Fresh & Fast Vegetarian also provides hundreds of tips for shortcuts and substitutions.
  • Sweet Treats to Make and Decorate

    作者:Tabor, Laura

    This unique collection of sweet treats is packed with 35 decorating ideas for cakes, cookies and candies. In this book, jewellery designer Laura Tabor has combined her passions for jewellery and baking, producing a range of beautifully decorated edible gifts. The first chapter, 'Beautiful Treats for Girls', has chocolate cameos that look just like the real thing, marshmallow pearls and candy bangles. 'Seasonal Gifts' is packed with ideas for Christmas cookies, Faberge-inspired Easter eggs and a fondant Valentine's rose locket. Kids will love to make the rice paper flower pendants, jelly gems and liquorice friendship bracelets in 'Fun for Children'. The final chapter, 'Gentlemen Adorned', has recipes for candy cufflinks, vintage chocolate buttons and a candy monocle and moustache. Clear step-by-step instructions make this book perfect for novice bakers, while more experienced cooks will enjoy the challenge of creating something uniquely different.
  • 法國菜:頭盤與湯製作圖解


  • 元氣健康美食-精選家常素食100道


    收錄根莖類、根莖類、瓜果類、特色地方菜等4大類,共計一百道家常美味素食,全都簡單易做,三~五個步驟即可完成! 另有節令蔬果、食材營養檔案、選購小祕訣、烹調技巧,讓你掌握所有素食料理情報!
  • 精选美味家常菜1588

    作者:陈绪荣 编

    《精选美味家常菜1588》包括大众家常菜、家常营养套餐以及家常菜汤粥等内容。我们精心挑选美昧佳肴,食材丰富,操作简便,让您不再因工作的繁忙而失去烹饪的乐趣,不再因经验的欠缺而烦恼。我们的目标是唤醒您的审美。刺激您的味蕾,提升您的品位,让厨房变成您一层才华之地。 只需《精选美味家常菜1588》,您烹调的不仅是菜肴,更是美味; 只需《精选美味家常菜1588》,您节省的不仅是程序,更是时间; 只要您选择,收获的不仅是满意,更是一种简捷的生活方式。 这是一份宝藏。等待您去探索。现在就让我们一起去发掘这份惊喜吧。
  • Asian Palate

    作者:Jeannie Cho Lee

  • 仿荤素菜


    《仿荤素菜》是素食中的一种,就是把素食原料加工成和荤菜一样的形状,其颜色、口感甚至口味也与荤菜极为相似,可以达到以假乱真的程度。但它却星素的,与肉类没有丝毫的联系,所以给食客的印象是很玄妙,很神奇,因此也倍受人们的欢迎。 那么仿荤索菜怎样制作呢?相信看过《仿荤素菜》,您就会找到答案——原来制作仿荤素菜并不难!
  • 灶旁边看边做营养汤粥


    在《中华大字版·生活经典:灶旁边看边做营养汤粥(26)》编撰期间,编委会不仅根据营养专家的要求不断改进烹饪方式,以保留菜品更多的营养,还根据烹饪顾问的指导不断调整制作步骤,使菜品色香味俱全,营养更加丰富。专家、顾问和编辑的共同努力,使这本菜谱既具有权威性,又具有可操作性,是您厨房必备的好伙伴。《中华大字版·生活经典:灶旁边看边做营养汤粥(26)》中每道菜的原料都是菜市场、超市中常见的,很容易就能买到;每道菜所用的烹饪手法都是“炒、煎、煮、蒸、炸”等常见操作,简单易学;所用厨具也都是居家常备的锅碗瓢盆…… —书在手,健康美味全数收录,一定会让厨房变成您展示厨艺的舞台,让餐桌变成您家里最温馨的美味天堂!
  • Eat Me!

    作者:Milton, Xanthe

    Cupcakes are incredibly fashionable - they are easy to make and customise, stunning to look at and have become ubiquitous at A-list parties. Cookie Girl's unique and delectable creations have become hugely popular. All the glamour of Bollywood, the sophistication of cocktail hour and the pure sensual indulgence of puds are explored in her fantastic recipes. Delectable Pina colada, Margarita and Cosmopolitan cakes; cupcakes inspired by classic desserts like Banoffee Pie and Tiramisu; and cakes and cookies for every occasion throughout the year - Christmas Pudding cupcakes, Easter nest cakes and Valentine's Day Lavender Heart cookies. Cookie Girl makes baking sexy! With 80 recipes and lush design and photography, you'll be licking buttercream off your fingers for a long time to come...
  • 我愛香檳


    您知道何謂「香檳」嗎?美得冒泡的葡萄酒為何有些名為「香檳」,有的卻稱為「汽泡酒」呢? 如同「干邑」之於白蘭地,要成就一瓶香檳,必須符合三種條件:在法國香檳區生產、使用特定釀酒葡萄品種,以及採用香檳法(Méthode Champenoise)。此外,香檳的由來、釀製的過程,以及造就它今日尊榮身價的焠鍊歷程,這些皆由作者的妙筆娓娓道來。 縱橫2500年的<香檳大事記>編列出香檳史上的重要事件;從收成到除渣、補糖,<一瓶香檳的誕生>詳盡介紹了香檳的生產製造過程;另有敎您一窺香檳分級、如何購買「適當」的(適合場合、對象)酒、正確的儲存放式,以及如何與美食共享秘訣的<氣泡的秘密>。 <傳奇香檳人物>為您介紹在香檳發展史上舉足輕重的唐培里儂(Dom Perignon)、凱歌夫人(Madame Cliquot)、Richard Juhlin等等;<歐陸重點酒廠>讓您徜徉悠遊各大酒區,沈浸酒鄉,樂不思蜀。 書末並收錄有無法被冠以「香檳」之名卻有香檳之實的全球知名汽泡酒介紹,讓您不僅知香檳,也懂汽泡酒。 ◎縱橫2500年香檳史紀事時間軸 ◎條列式圖表詳述香檳知識 ◎從生產到旅遊的博覽敘述
  • At Elizabeth David's Table

    作者:David, Elizabeth; Gr

    Legendary cook Elizabeth David is the woman who changed the face of British cooking. She introduced a dreary post-war Britain to the sun-drenched culinary delights of the Mediterranean; to foods like olive oil and pasta, artichokes and fresh herbs - foods that have become the staples of our diets today. Her recipes brought colour and life into kitchens everywhere, yet her books never contained any photographs. Now, published for the first time, is this beautiful new collection of her most inspiring, everyday recipes with full-colour photography throughout. Published to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Elizabeth's first book, "At Elizabeth David's Table" has twelve chapters guiding the reader from tasty soups and starters, through to meat, fish and desserts. Sections on successful bread making, as well as more extravagant dishes, ensure that this will become the cookery bible that you will turn to, time and time again. Interspersed throughout the book are some of Elizabeth's short essays - from how to cook 'fast and fresh' using storecupboard ingredients, to evocative portraits of French and Italian markets.
  • 巴黎一个月的生活


    我一句法文都不會 我體驗了巴黎一個月的生活 在窗外是滿院綠意的房裡醒來 咖啡+果汁+長條麵包+櫻桃一派輕鬆的早餐 悠閒地散步到聖馬丁運河邊曬太陽 什麼都不想只單純地看著河面粼粼的波光 烤三明治+紅酒+沙拉+店家自製沙拉醬貴死人(126歐元)但非常美味的午餐 讓人完全投降的妲丹蘋果塔甜點 到老舊的表演廳聽美麗的拉丁歌手演唱--有情侶依偎聽歌、有老爺爺一人獨自前來 鮪魚義大利麵+紅酒+沙拉簡簡單單的晚餐 沙發上聽CD回味白天歌手的嗓音… 巴黎人最愛的Berthillon冰淇淋、不必帶現金的市場、把砂糖放在湯匙用咖啡泡過的巴黎吃法、立食派對(注意,只有老奶奶才會坐下來喔)、腳踏車上的巴黎風光…巴黎,我要一一投入、體驗、享受! 日本人氣插畫家平澤麻理子來到了藝術工作者嚮往的巴黎,在巴黎度過了一個月的生活。她透過自己拿手的插畫、照片呈現在巴黎體會的第一手感觸。住進法國的寄宿家庭,原味呈現巴黎人的日常生活與美食文化;還拜訪了法國的設計師、手工達人,並深入採訪達人們的工作實況。看似再平凡不過的日常生活,卻真實呈現出巴黎的萬般風情。 平澤麻理子藉由《巴黎一個月的生活》一書,邀請讀者一同細細品味生活在巴黎的綿密幸福。不論你是美術、藝術的愛好者還是嚮往理想生活的讀者,一定不能錯過這本美好的旅遊手札。
  • 素食“煮男”的创意厨房


    《素食"煮男"的创意厨房》内容简介:开始做饭了的男人,心里都是很容易满足的,不苛求“无肉不欢”,平平常常才是真。做饭应该是一种一享受,享受自然,享受简单的生活,素食便是这样一种简单生活的自然。回归。据说,在美国有1/10人口、英国有1/6人口已经或正在考虑成为素食者。悄然传播的素食文化,使得素食越来越成为一个全球时尚的标签。 《素食"煮男"的创意厨房》从厨房布置、食材选购、储存到厨艺表现:创意菜谱等方面,并配有66张精美的菜谱彩色图片,全面而细致地为喜欢下厨、热爱美食、享受生活的男士、女士诠释一种著名的生活方式和状态——做素食“煮男”。真的,做素食“煮男”,并不难。
  • Greek Revival

    作者:Moore-Pastides, Patr

    Take eighty-seven ambrosial recipes designed for the needs and appetites of everyday cooks, leaven with delectable anecdotes about the Greek lifestyle, then pepper with revealing scientific insight, and the result is Greek Revival: Cooking for Life--an appetizing introduction to wonderful flavors and health benefits of the traditional Mediterranean diet. Patricia Moore-Pastides, an accomplished cook and public-health professional, presents dozens of easy-to-make and impossible-to-resist recipes that infuse a healthful diet with the enticement of great taste. Greek Revival showcases a pantheon of healthy recipes, accompanied by beautiful color illustrations, helpful preparation techniques, and tips for making the most of familiar ingredients, from colorful fresh fruits and vegetables, to whole grains, beans, and seafood. These natural flavors are enhanced by rich extra-virgin olive oil, so the delectable dishes are savored without guilt. Following Greek tradition, meat is not eliminated from the diet, but rather saved for special occasion, and you will find a variety of succulent and creative meat recipes in Greek Revival as well. Always mindful of time, health, and budget, the author makes wonderful use of natural, minimally processed ingredients readily found in most neighborhood supermarkets. Recipes include dolmades (grape leaves stuffed with cracked wheat and pine nuts), imam baildi (caramelized eggplant), gemista (vegetables stuffed with barley and mint), xifias souvlaki (herbed swordfish kebabs), tavas (oven-roasted onion, tomato and lamb stew), karidopita (spiced walnut cake), and many more. Throughout the book Moore-Pastides shares lively stories of her days living in Greece and Cyprus that exemplify the enduring charm of an Old World lifestyle. Through her tales we see a snapshot of a world lost to fast-paced modern living, and we are introduced to the health benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Her observations are supported with illuminating summaries of current scientific research. Health-conscious readers looking to improve their diets and protect themselves from the perils of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease will find hope in the author's research, presented in a way that is accessible and inspiring.